A Note about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a company our primary concern is ensuring our staff, students and visiting staff are kept safe and as healthy as possible. The situation is rapidly evolving and as such we are in regular communication with education, health and trade organizations. Our actions throughout this pandemic will be guided by and comply with official advice. We will monitor the situation and revise our risk assessment as an ongoing process.

As a company we are in many ways in an advantageous situation regarding limiting the chances of coronavirus transmission. As a centre we benefit from the following;

  • Our centre is one of the very few sole occupancy outdoor centres around. When you stay at Great Potheridge House it is only your class/school staying here with our staff.
  • Our staff  live in an area of very low population density, again reducing risk of transmission. 
  • The Centre is in a remote rural location, no one else lives down our road.
  • The areas we run our activities are sparsely populated and there is no interaction with people outside the centre. 
  • We always have ensured regular hand washing, sanitizer is always available.
  • The centre is regularly cleaned, especially surfaces, door handles etc.
  • All staff are first aid trained and many of us have food hygiene qualifications and experience. The centre has always had high hygiene standards as evidenced by our 5 star food hygiene award.
  • As we are not far from school, it is easier for us to return any suspected ill children/staff.
  • The staff here have a can-do attitude, excellent problem solving skills and are use to working in a dynamic and changing situation where our response needs to change with the situation.
  • As a centre we always work very closely with visiting school staff to ensure our approach and policies work in alignment with schools policies.

The bottom line is that if it is assessed that is safe enough to be at school then it is even lower risk at Great Potheridge House as in affect you will be in isolation throughout your stay with us.

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